Data security and accessibility by moving to the Cloud

We live in a beautiful era. Almost everyone now has Internet, so we are always connected with each other and our things online.

It is an increasing trend to create applications that run on the internet, instead of running on the client device. Also, there are applications that come from the server, but do the heavy load on the client side. Web interfaces are very common and you need to download less and less applications.

So, in this era, why would someone move to the cloud?

What moving to the cloud means

Moving to the cloud means keeping your data on servers and not on your own device. The best example probably is keeping your photos online. This has many forms, for example you make a lot of pictures for your social sites, they are kept in the “cloud”, meaning on the servers of the given social site. There are file syncing applications also, like Google Drive or One Drive that keep a copy of the shared files in the cloud, so no matter what happens to your device, your files are safe. This started to be a bigger and bigger trend and it is good, because it shifts us from being so dependent of our devices.

In a near future I can imagine a case when our devices have only one functionality: accessing the internet. Our everything would be online, in the cloud, so the device just has to grant us access.

A simple example of using the cloud

I personally use the cloud to store data that I do not want to lose. I store my credentials for example in the cloud, scattered in many places. In this way I do not have to remember all my passwords (I have soooo many!), I just have to remember where I scattered the data. Also, I keep important files also in the cloud, like scripts written by me, documentations, important personal documents.

Personal documents are a good example, because if you need any of them, you just download them on your phone and print them. This kind of accessibility saves you a lot of time.

Concerns about cloud safety

Many fear to share their data with the cloud, to keep their personal things online. They say that these technologies are not safe enough, that their personal files could leak out.

The thing is, that your device is probably more vulnerable on a network than a Google server. So leaking data from your personal device is more likely than from a Google server.

Of course, you have the right to keep your data where you want it. When data gets lost, it gets lost. It can be a piece of paper, too, if you lose it, the data on it is lost. So, keeping multiple copy’s is always a good practice, no matter where you keep your data.

I usually have nothing to hide, so I am not afraid to keep data in the cloud. The intellectual property I have can be stolen, of course, but I have the knowledge to recreate it, and the one who stole it does not necessarily understand it.


Nowadays the Cloud is a safe place to keep your things in. Just trust the big providers, they know what to do. Moving to the cloud enables you to become device independent and that is a pretty big freedom if you ask me.

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