Basic tips to avoid adware and other harmful things

In our modern world more and more digital goods become free, but packed with ads. Ads by themselves are not harmful, but there are cases when they can become so.

Adware is an expression for software that is harmful for your PC or Phone. It makes you vulnerable to other harmful software and fills your browsers with popups, add-ons, bars and all kinds of annoying things. Also, these can significantly slow down your computer or phone.

Usually people get these adware from the internet in different forms. They come with some free software you download, or simply you click on a wrong link on a webpage.

Let’s talk about browsing habits. It is very important to follow these rules when browsing the internet:

  • Be patient. Clicking like a maniac on a link can make you click on something you did not want.
  • Never register anywhere if you do not trust that website
  • If you are uncertain about a website, search for it on forums, find out what other people think
  • Never click on flashy, fancy, big buttons on a website
  • Modern browsers have everything to watch videos or to play games, you DO NOT have to download extra plugins or stuff like that. Those are probably full of viruses and adware.
  • DO NOT download things you do not know or do not trust
  • Always use a virus scanning tool, those can help you prevent downloading unwanted software
  • If you are uncertain, ask someone who knows better

Following these browsing habits do not guarantee success on being clean of viruses and other harmful software. Once you get infected, there are things you can do to clean your computer or phone:

  • Uninstall all programs you do not use or do not know.
  • Use the antivirus tool`s full scan to find viruses
  • Use dedicated adware removal tools, like Adware Removal Tool
  • Run a cleaning tool to clean temporary files from your system
  • Again, ask someone who knows better

There are so many types of scams that it is not easy to filter them all, so it happens that you get infected anyway or you cannot disinfect your device by your own. It is better to ask the help of a professional in these cases, otherwise you can lose more than paying a simple service.

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