Facebook: how to use graph search

This article will not be a very technical one, more like a showcase of what you can do with Facebook’s Graph Search functionality.

First of all, you have to activate it. Currently Graph Search only works on English language, so you have to enable it by changing your language to English(US). After you changed the language, you just type the things you want to search in the search field.

Graph Search is a bit like an SQL query, but in a more human language. For example you can type in: people in last month liked by <name of someone>. This will find all the people who were liked by the person you type in. Usually these searches are narrowed to your friends, so probably you will not be able to see the pictures liked by a celebrity who is not your friend.

Some other examples:

  •  photos of males / females liked by <name of friend>
  • events liked by <name of friend>
  • photos of me liked by <person 1> and <person 2>
  • books <person> and I are interested in

Graph Search is almost limitless, you can search a lot of things with it. Take care however, because you can find things you are not prepared or :) Good searching for everyone. If you need help with given examples, just write in the comments or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gadratilprogramming/

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